Monday, December 21, 2009

Asus w7j OSX86 settings

Asus w7j OSX86 settings 10.5.7

These are the settings used to install IPC distro on my Asus w7J.

Video: NvDarwin 256MB (QE/CI enabled), dual monitor doesn't work out of the box, but I know some change will make it work, but in that instance QE/CI doesn't work.

Chipset: ICHX
Audio: ALC861
Ethernet:Realtek R1000
Fix: PS2/keyboard
PowerMgmt: all
Video Card:Nvidia Geforce Go 7400
Wifi (3945): works with new driver for Snowleopard only.

These few links might be useful read for further study (will update)
Basics of Kext and installation of it (drivers for Mac)
Dual boot

Snow leopard 10.6.2
For the Asus W7J, the SnowOSX Universal v.3.6 works out of the box, the Wifi doesn't work because it is one of the Intel Chipset.  Sound needs a little support, just draw the Voodoo from the ATools folder to the Kext Utility Icon.  Graphics is still a problem.  I found the following solutions, but I have yet to try them out.

Seems like in 10.6.2 there is a problem with the VoodooHDA.kext and NVInject.kext

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