Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zotac H55ITX-A-E Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Install Guide Using tonymacx86 iBoot and MultiBeast 2.0

This is a Guide that shows how to install Snow Leopard on Zotac, H55ITX-A-E.  This is the perfect setup for a MiniHack Pro.  This board supports up to i7 of the 1136 socket, depending on what kind of case you are getting, it is possible that this setup can out perform some of the current generation Mac Pro.   On the other hand you can install a low power consumption i3, with dual boot into W7 it can take advantage of the Intel HD graphics.  The current generation i3 can match the Atom CPU power consumption in idle, making it a great setup for a HTPC in your living room.

Advantage of using a Zotac H55ITX-A-E
- Small form factor, Mini-ITX size board
- Lots of positive review on the build quality and versatility of this board.
- 10 USB 2.0 port (H55ITX-C-E has USB 3.0 support)
- Built-in Wireless card (US version gets the Atheros chipset which works out of the box, for with the RALink chip, it supports with kext, but not in n mode)
- Has an extra PCIe slot for a medium to high-end Video card, then you have yourself a decent gaming system.
- SpeedStep, LAN, Sound and Wifi all works in snow leopard, refer to TonyMac's general guide on how to install.
- Sleep doesn't quite work

Thanks to TonyMac and InsanelyMac this guide provides the most comprehensive instruction on the installation of Snow Leopard on Zotac's board.  This is indeed one of the best board on all builds of SL.

Neil's Post in Insanelymac should be the best place to ask further question.