Monday, November 23, 2009

SnowOSX Universal v3.6 (10.6.2)

UPDATE: On the russian site, it cites support for AMD, ATOM 330, Pentium 4 (D), Celeron CPUs, this is great news.
Also support for Samsung R-560 (R-310, R-610... etc.)

I got this to work on my Asus W7J, installed on a 16GB USB thumb drive.   Running 64 Bit EFI Kernel too.

The new version of the assembly for single-layer DVD, which is built on the basis of Retail Snow Leopard 10.6 Update 10.6.2 Safari 4.04. An assembly can be installed on GUID, and at the Mbr. In the assembly immediately included Russian localization.

Extras. information: from the assembly removed all packages with drivers for printers, AdditionalSpeechVoices, other languages

The contents of the folder Customise
- PC EFI 9.4 - boot-9-4 by Netkas
or choice
- PC EFI 10.5 - Chameleon 2 RC3 (r658) PC EFI 10.5 by Netkas
- NullCPUPM - blocker (disabler) for IntelCPUPowerManagement
- PlatformUUID - Error 35 fix
- FakeSMC
- IOATA Kernel Panic fix - 32/64-bit IOATAFamily.kext from Leo 10.5.8 (compiled by Slice)
- EvOreboot - Restart and Shutdown fix
- EvOSpeedStep - Power Management for Core i7
- EvOenabler - ATI video injector
- SMBIOSResolver - only for PC EFI 9.4!!!
- Legacy AHCI - 32/64-bit Legacy kext for Intel AHCI (SATA)
- Legacy ATA - 32/64-bit Legacy kext for Intel ATA (IDE)
- Legacy JMicron ATA - 32/64-bit Legacy kext for JMicron ATA (IDE)
- PS / 2 - kekst interface PS / 2
- Rosetta - support for legacy applications
- ATools - a folder with a set of office utilities and drivers

System requirements: PC with a processor Intel SSSE3 (not to be confused with SSE3!)
Year: 2009
Version: 3.6
Platform: PC
Language: English Russian
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 4.71 Gb
MD5: 5d76a853b7d76d99e48f0fa1762933fd

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Currently not on the bay or the nova.

Download from these links below. Apparently the other sites included were either not available or it is a paying download service.

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