Sunday, August 09, 2009

What google Voice will mean for the Telco industry

FCC is still investigating why Google Voice was rejected from the Iphone apps store. And over at Techcrunch Michael Arlington is already delcaring that Iphone is dead and Android is the next platform simply because Google voice works, and he made a good case out of it.

What this comes down to is Google stepping over the toes of the telco giants. The phone number is not that important anymore, people tend to use the same service because they have to retain their phone number, be it retaining their friends and family or their customers. AT&T and T-Mobile will not be important anymore. I think the whole industry might start to drift towards calling based on an IP address,email address or an domain name. Soon you will be able to make a call to,, or However, if that would be the base, Google will turn into the next Microsoft(if they haven't already), who will be owning you from your email, to your word processor to your cellphone(pretty soon your OS too). I can think of one pretty good outcome that can result from all of this, is that Google will provide cellphone and service to the public for free. And advertisers can pay for all of this. Very much like those futuristic movies that advertise based on

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