Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Magic Pro MP-p6vm-a4 OS X, ideneb 1.4

The recent surge in Mac and Iphone had made me start to pay more attention to Mac. So I have decided to pick this back up (from 15 years ago) by getting myself a computer with Mac in it. I originally started this by trying to install OSX in my new AMD Phenon II by using VMWare. I have tried numerous distrubtion and they all don't seem to boot properly. IPC, Ideneb and leo4all all don't seem to play nice with my VMware and AMD hardware. However, I don't want to shell out for another new Mac, so I assembled back my retired good old Core 2 Duo E6300 with the MP-P6VM-A4 board to give Hackintosh a try. After a few install and reboots, I started to understand that you really have to know all your chipsets on your motherboard to make this thing start properly. It is much like installing Slackware back in the early 80's. Heck installing Slackware was even easier back in the days.

I am using this not too popular Magic Pro board, and it uses all VIA chipset, on Board VGA and IDE's are all working, I am not sure about SATA because I don't have anything attached, ethernet is working with the ViaRhine kext. Sound is not working properly because I can't find the Kext(drivers for Mac) for this particular chipset. Via VT1616B is a very strange chip, I am starting to think that this is one of those chip number variation that they give for different countries. I google this chip and there are only a handful results, need not talk about the kext.
After all assembling this machine and installing OS X was quite interesting, they have come a long way. After recent use of Windows 7, Ubuntu and this I am starting to understand why people swear by OS X, it is a well designed operating system. I mean you can do the same stuff in other systems, but it is much easier to do it in Mac. And you can also dig deep into the console if you know what you are doing, so it basically has the wonders of both worlds.
I will next try to install 2 OS onto it. Windows 7 RC and OSX hope it works.

edit:Sound works now by choosing generic AC97 audio. And you don't really need the Voodoo kernel also. So everything works. However one slight hickup is it doesn't boot via USB, so it is kinda a pain to try Snow leopard on it.
You can update from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 via upgrade pack from tpb, or other major torernt sites. After that you can update via the Mac Software update with no problem.

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