Friday, February 09, 2007

ERP decision on our Factory

We manufacture PCBs, for those of you that doesn't know what this stands for, it's Printed Circuit Board. It is basically the piece of board that you see, usually green, when you open any electronic device. We have a factory in China and Office in Hong Kong. And recently we want to improve our efficiency by installing ERP (or catch up with the 20th century). And we are going thru the decision phase, there is the good old famour Oracle, SAP and the PCB industry favorite Paradigm. All the big shots knows how to make a good ERP, but they might not fit our industry. Paradigm is famous, but the user feedback from our buddies in the industry doesn't seem promising. There's a great gap between what you want and what they are offering, they are rather big, thus doesn't give you much support if you are a small company. Changes has to be made by their headquarter, and you have to pay a premium to get that service. That's why we search for other local sources. To our surprises, one of the local ERP makers has a solution for PCB ERP. And we are thrilled to see that they have a very flexible system, plus they are of a similar size to us, which probably means that we are one of their bigger customer. They also have consultants that knows the PCB industry, their software is designed specifically for the PCB industry. They are also offering to Consultant services for our PCB production. These guys at Welcome ERP 迎新集团 are showing that they know what they are doing. Their references seem to respond well to their product. They do have very competitive pricing, and they know businesses that spreads across the boarder like us, so it should be a good fit. I will update more on the decision process.

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