Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Personal hygiene in China

This is actually a common topic among all travelers, this also goes for any travelers going to any other countries.
  • Do not drink water from tap, drink bottled water only
  • Avoid exotic food, especially when you are new to the local time zone
  • Do not eat at food stands, eat at reputable places
  • DO NOT USE HAND TOWEL GIVEN AT RESTAURANTS- An absolute no no in China.
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Plan your bathroom trips, do not drink too much water if you know you are in for a long trip
  • Wash eating ware before you eat at each restaurants, for China, it includes,
    • chopstick
    • Spoons
    • Bowl
    • Plate
    • Glass/Tea Cup
  • Never let the part of your silverware touch the food table, e.g. folk never leave it touching the table, place it on top of your plate. For chopstick users, NEVER let it touch the table, put it on top of your plate or bowl.
  • Chinese culture shares each dish of food, and each person will dig into the dish with their own chopstick. Ask for a pair of "gon fai", which is a pair of sharing chopstick used to take food to your plate. Avoid other's saliva.
  • If chopstick packet are not plastic sealed, be prepared to rinse it again. They might be recycled chopstick.
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