Monday, November 17, 2008

PayPal Php SDK

Recently I am at a project regarding integrating the paypal direct payment pro at a coffee shopping website. Over at Paypal there are a lot of documentations on how to install the php sdk for one to test. However when I was trying to type in the command line

C:\>php install.php

I get the error message

C:\phpsdk>php install.php
Please cd to the C:\phpsdk and run install.php

at the designated directory, I get the error message telling me to cd to that directory of /php-sdk/ then try it again. But I AM at that directory! I tried looking online and checked the version of php and other software inside XAMPP, and I couldn't find the problem. Then I jumped into the code of the install.php and found that the error. When I was unpacking my data, I had the folder named phpsdk, and that's where php keeps flaging me. The problem is the NAME of the directory (not the path to it) holding php-sdk HAS to be "php-sdk" exactly. And after this error, I basically got the SDK setup and got sandbox to deal with payments in no time.

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